If You Are Suffering From Any Kind Of Pest Or If You Want To Eradicate The Pest Then Here Are Some Tip To Get Controlled...…


1. Storing Carton Boxes In House.
2. Water Leaking through walls.
3. Do Not Close / lock rooms / houses For Many Days.
4. While storing the Clothes In Shelves We Should cover the shelves with Plastic Cover / wrapping covers.
5. While Planting Flower Pots In House Keep A Side From Walls.
6. Who Are Staying In Apartments Should Check Their Current Boards Frequently (Because There Were Connected To Each And Every House).
7. If You Have Any Doubt That House May Infected By Termites Then Call Experienced Pest Control Operator For Suggestion Purpose.
8. When U Found A Problem To Do Pest Control Is Not Better To Take A Precaution Previously.
9. We Should Keep Store Room Clean At least Monthly Once.
10. Reducing Old Paper and Books (To Get Ride of Termites).
11. Frequently Check Lift Desk ‘S, Plumbing, Electronic Line.

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