If You Are Suffering From Any Kind Of Pest Or If You Want To Eradicate The Pest Then Here Are Some Tip To Get Controlled...…


1. Flies May Get Inside the House Because Of Oil Mark and No Cleanness.
2. By Sprinkling Sweets In House Then House Flies May Get Inside.
3. By Using Flesh (Chicken, Mutton…) In House Then Flesh Flies Get Inside.
4. By Opening Drains Bottle Flies Will Get inside.
5. By Cleaning Dust Bins We Can Control Files.
6. By Using Closed Dust-Bin We Can Control.
7. Do Not Expose Wound In Air Because Files Get Attracted And May Infect The Body So Cover Wound With Clothes.
8. Do Not Remove Lid’s To The Food Bowl’s.
9. By Putting Fruits In Covered Box We Can Control Fruit Flies.
10. Ant Holes Should Be Covered With White Cement.

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